Major Universities in China

Here, 22 major Chinese universities and National Taiwan University as an extra were covered. Please click on each university name for details.

北京大学  Peking University
清華大学  Tsinghua University
浙江大学  Zhejiang University
上海交通大学  Shanghai Jiao Tong University
復旦大学  Fudan University
中国科学技術大学  University of Science and Technology of China
武漢大学  Wuhan University
華中科技大学  Huazhong University of Science and Technology
四川大学  Sichuan University 
中山大学  Sun Yat-sen University
南京大学  Nanjing University
山東大学  Shandong University 
西安交通大学  Xi’an Jiaotong University
ハルビン工業大学  Harbin Institute of Technology
吉林大学  Jilin University
中国農業大学  China Agricultural University
北京協和医学院  Peking Union Medical College
中国科学院大学  University of Chinese Academy of Sciences
国防科技大学  National University of Defense Technology
香港大学  University of Hong Kong
北京師範大学  Beijing Normal University
中国人民大学  Renmin University of China
番外編 国立台湾大学  National Taiwan University

Please see below the reasons for selecting the above 22 universities as the main universities in China. Please also refer to the following data on size, research ability, and evaluation used for selection.